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Get a look first hand at some of the events that we love to stiltwalk at through Melbourne on a regular basis. Australia Day parade in Mornington is our 6th year. More to Come.....
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Amazing Red Electra

Be electrified by this amazing looking 21st Century stiltwalking Character.
This character is fresh, bubbly and very playful and Red Electra will run and jump, hopscotch and tag, play hide and seek, and be charming and glad.
Have Red Electra brighten up your next party with her super hero look and her super hero attitude. What fantastic entertainment for children and/or adults.
Red Electra stands out amongst any crowd with her electric colours and personality. Invite this very lovable character to your next event and there will be lots of dazzling fun to be had. Fantastic stiltwalking character for absolutely any event

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Amazing Red Electra


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