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Get a look first hand at some of the events that we love to stiltwalk at through Melbourne on a regular basis. Australia Day parade in Mornington is our 6th year. More to Come.....
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Food and Wine Festival 2012

Very lovely to be involved once again in the Melbourne Food and Wine festivities for 2012. What a sensational day along the waterfront of Crown Casino. We enjoyed to most amazing food!

Chinese New Year

The most amazing experience Stiltwalking at the Chinese New Year Parade for City of Melbourne! WHAT A FANTASTIC EVENT....LOVE IT!!!

Music Festival

It is always very special to share all the fun we have at a Music festival.
All the children adore the stiltwalking faeries with their bubbles and fairy dust from Nova Star Productions

Christmas Parade

We love our Grand Christmas parades when Santa arrives to town....what a magical time! Visit the Christmas page for more info on all the Christmas Stiltwalking characters available. We can also provide characters by request and have them tailor made.


Mornington Australia Day parade 2012...our 6th year! LOVE IT....

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Find out all of the latest information on where and when there will be some amazing performers and shows.

See more fantastic photo's and join the group for updated information

Leonie Deavin is one of Australia's finest stilt walkers and roving entertainers, Leonie has delighted crowds at some of the biggest functions, festivals and events within Australia and on occasion Overseas. She has a performance quality that it both interactive and entertaining and is equally enjoyed by children and adults alike. It is Leonie�s ability to shine in any scenario that makes her a quality performer, add that to her impressive array of costuming and she can excel at a county festival or Major corporate function.
Leonie is a performer�s artist, cast in the mould of the old Vaudeville style / Circus Artist, with an un canny ability to immerse herself in any style. Beautiful, Talented and Alluring with a touch of cheekiness would describe her perfectly. Shakespeare Wrote� O for a muse of fire that would attend the brightest heaven of invention, My Kingdom for a Stage , Princes to Act and Monarchs to behold the swelling scene� Every Field is her stage and Every person her audience.
Guests are always delighted by the super-tall mischief and fun of Leonie as she thrills, teases and impresses any sized crowd. Her ability to dance on Stilts is a sight all should see. Leonie can transform herself into a twelve foot tall Angel, a Carnival dancer, a Venetian Princess, a Grand Prix Pit Crew member, a beautiful Genie and many more! And for a touch of the mystical she'll even add some bubbles from on high as she spreads joy with her mobile bubble machine. Perfect for any event, Leonie Deavin has a towering creation to suit your needs every time!

Nova Star Productions on Facebook

Nova Star Productions on Facebook
Peninsula Hot Springs

Natural Hot Mineral Springs have been found deep underground on Melbourne�s Mornington Peninsula. The 50�C waters rich in healing minerals are now flowing to the surface and into the thermal pools at the new Peninsula Hot Springs. For the first time in Victoria it is possible to bathe in the naturally healing waters of mineral rich thermal pools. Like the historic and famous spa centres of Europe, Asia, the Americas and New Zealand, the natural hot springs on the Mornington Peninsula bring the blissful and healthy pleasure of �taking the waters� to the people. A perfect place for performers to rest, renew and recharge for the demanding work placed on their bodies.

Peninsula Hot Springs

Peninsula Hot Springs
Luna Park

Luna Park

Luna Park
Advanced Amusements

Advanced Amusements is the premier Melbourne-based organisation that specialises in the supply and operation of the latest and greatest amusements and games for carnivals, corporate and special events. Our Hallmark is safety and professional delivery. Knockout Events TA Comedy Knockout is one of Australia's leading Producers of Live shows Events and festivals, including St Kilda Laughs Festival AS PART OF THE ST KILDA Festival. We are in the business of selling Fun, delivering full service solutions from concept to creation. Together with our combined skills, knowledge and experience we bring together the excitement and magic of Christmas with major event production and logistics that are required to produce a Safe, Exciting, Fun Event for your corporate Family.

Advanced Amusements

Advanced Amusements

Nova Star Productions has donated their time for the 3rd year for the 5th annual golf day and gala dinner and we are excited to be a big part of it all and help this amazing charity grow.
October 15th 2011 we had our first family day put together by Nova Star Productions. What a fantastic day to give back to those who have helped our Charity along the way! We are very proud to be such a big part of Charity2Charity.

Children are like butterflies flying in the wind...

Each one is unique,

Each one is beautiful.

They all fly as high as they can,

Yet some fly higher than others.

Some need a little extra help just to fly�

Charity2Charity helps children with disabilities reach their maximum potential via raising funds that enable timely access to critical equipment - reducing the associated financial burden and maximising the benefit of early intervention programs.

We maintain reciprocal links with similarly motivated organisations and special schools targeting the provision of specialist equipment designed to enable and enhance learning opportunities.

Raising a child with a disability, while rewarding in many ways, is challenging financially, physically and emotionally. From time to time, Charity2Charity assists in funding occasional respite to provide families and carers with a well deserved and much needed break.
Thus creating a positive change for all...

We achieve the majority of this via hosting the annual "Charity2 Charity Challenge" - an annual charity golf day and gala dinner like no other...





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